ChemPartners was founded in 2001 in Russia as a joint venture between Russia, India and China. Today, the company is a dynamically growing international entity with specialization in professional supplies of chemical raw materials and technological solutions worldwide.

SAI ChemPartners India Pvt Ltd started its operation in India in 2006 with the aim to expand business in Indian market and introduce new technological solutions. The company has earned a great reputation in this field as a trusted manufacturer, exporter, importer and supplier.

Due to our worldwide presence we are able to provide integral solutions from sourcing of the best option, financing to door-to-door delivery and technical consulting.

We are also a service provider offering Consultancy for Vodka Manufacturing: technological solutions, blends, flavours, additives, design of bottles etc.

We are concentrating our efforts in the following directions:

Technological solutions for beverage industries:
1. Filtration of Alcoholic beverages (Vodka, white liquor, whiskey, wines, beers) and preparation of water for beverages
2. Solutions for bottling plants (bottling units, labeling machines and capping)
3. Mini distilleries for ENA manufacturing
4. Micro Breweries
5. Bottles, caps etc.

Ingredients for food and beverages:

1. Anti-oxidant (Dihydroquercetin) for food, beverages and supplements
2. Taste and Aroma modifiers for alcohol beverages
3. Malts and Hops 
4. Natural andd NI Flavours