Used for final pre-bottling filtration and have the following advantages and applications:

● Steadily high quality of beverages
● Smooth start-up, maintenance of prescribed pressures at the input and output of the system
● No hydraulic blows
● Optimum set of options, compact size
● Full exhaustion of service life of filter elements
● Touchpad for real-time control of all filtration parameters
● Cleaning of filter elements with high-purity water or reconditioning with washing solutions directly inside the system without using any extra pump
● Removal of residual product with sterile compressed air
● Reliable component parts
● Automatic or semi-automatic


For Wines:
•Defertilizing filtration of wines in cold sterile bottling conditions.
•Removal of residual opalescence in hot bottling conditions.
•Fine filtration of flushing water and washing liquor.

For Beer:

•Trap filtration ( fine filtration after precoat diatomaceous earth filter)
•Defertilizing filtration (for cold sterile bottling) using membrane cartridges to increase post-bottling stability
•Sterilizing filtration of process air, carbon dioxide

For Cognac and Whisky :

•Polishing filtration before bottling
•Removal of excess amounts of metals (Ca, K, Fe, Cu,etc) for beverage stabilization
•Improvement of organoleptic properties of beverages