AQUATRON waterproofing materials
 The materials are used for waterproofing and recovery of waterproofing in manufacturing of new structures, as well as in the repair and recovery of waterproofing of old structures:

                -wells, pump stations, mines, basements, water storage tanks and water,towers;
              - sewage collectors, waste treatment facilities;
           - dams and waterworks;
           -swimming pools, ice arenas;
           - chimneys, cooling towers;
           - bridges and viaducts, roads;
          - petroleum products storage tanks;
           -subways, underground parking;
           etc


-   at high hydrostatic head, provide impermeability of building structures against water, salt solutions, acids, alkalies, and petroleum products;
-  reduce destruction of building structures under cyclic freezing-thawing;
- increase material strength and durability;
- possess antiseptic and anti-corrosion properties;
- retain vapor permeability of the material maintaining its «breath-ability»;
- do  not  contain  toxic  substances,  are  certified  for  use  in  utility  and drinking water supply systems;
- used to fix active leaks, to waterproof inter-panel and block joints, to caulk in concrete and cast-iron slip-joint pipes of household water supply and sewerage, to embed anchor bolts in the concrete structures;
- used both with the old and new concrete;
- applicable for internal and external works;
- have probably the best ratio quality/price on the market of penetrating
waterproofing materials.

We manufacture specialized compounds:

Aquatron «FOR SEAMS» - is a compound that combines elasticity peculiar to mastics, and properties of penetrating waterproofing, is used for waterproofing of joints and cracks in structures made of concrete, stone, bricks and other porous construction materials of mineral origin during cyclic deformations, as well as for sealing joints of these materials with metal, glass and plastic surfaces. The compound has an increased resistance to vibrations.


Aquatron-8 - is a waterproofing compound for the elimination of active leak sites and sealing of joints in wall panels, blocks, packing of socket pipes and sealing of foundation bolts in concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Setting time is from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Aquatron-8p - is a grouting, penetrating waterproofing mixture featuring armouring effect  and  high  water  resistance  for  concrete,  stone,  bricks.  Designed  for  quick elimination of oozing leaks in porous construction materials of mineral origin.


Aquatron-12 is a highly concentrated admixture to be added to concrete at the preparation stage. Grade of concrete in the structure to be protected is enhanced at least by 3 levels in terms of water resistance, in terms of freeze resistance - at least by 2 levels. Improves the plasticity and workability of concrete.

Moreover, we offer high-quality general purpose materials:


Antifreeze agent PROTALINKA - is designed for use in concrete and waterproofing compounds at low temperatures from 0 to -20°C.

AQUATRON-FREZ - is a chemical compound to remove cement slurry from concrete surfaces and for pores opening, containing a balanced combination of chemicals for a perfect cleaning of the surface without damaging the concrete structure. A water-based compound of polyfunctional acids and surfactants does not contain any volatile organic components and fully complies with the environmental protection requirements.

Aquatron tile adhesive - is a high-performance adhesive used for exterior and interior works in spaces with normal and increased humidity. May be used for ceramic granite and floor heating systems. Adhesion, MPa, min. 0,5.

Aquatron tile adhesive white - is a high-performance adhesive based on white cement used for exterior and interior works in spaces with normal and increased humidity. May be used for ceramic granite and floor heating systems. Adhesion, MPa, min. 0,5.

AQUATRON joint filling compound - is designed for protecting and filling joints between
wall and floor ceramic, marble, and glazed tiles in dry and moist rooms. White colour.