Medical and Biopharmaceutical Industries

Prefiltration, clarifying and sterilizing filtration of

- large-volume and small-volume solutions for parenteral nutrition (LVP and SVP)

- blood protein preparations

- culture media and bacterium media
- blood serum
- ophthalmologic and alcoholic solutions
- biological fluids
- vitamin and galena preparations
- water for pharmaceutical applications (water for injections, washing machines, autoclaves, apyrogenic water, point-of-use filtration, - return water, water for rinsing ampules and vials)
- preparation of buffer solutions
- removal of bacteria and mycoplasma
- removal of viruses and pyrogens from water solutions and water for injections
- removal of lipids and colloids from biological preparations, protein solutions and sera
- discolouration of solutions of pharmaceutical substances
- clarification of carbon-containing solutions
- clarification and defertilization of galena preparations, extracts, etc
- removal of the fine fraction of activated carbon particles
- sterile filtration of process air, nitrogen and other gases before delivery to the filling area
- purification of steam for use in autoclaves and sterilization of equipment
- sterile ventilation of tanks and fermenters - ‘breathing' filters
protection of water conditioning systems and chromatographic columns


1. Filter discs ( membranes)

2.  Filter capsules

3. Filter cartridges

Membrane Filter elements from 0.1-3.0 microns
​Depth Filter elements from 1.0-100 microns
​Sorption Filter elements