Soft bi-focal lenses for Myopia control

OKVision® Miracle™ - concept                                                                                     
Due to increasing awareness of myopia and a growing demand for new solutions to halt myopia progression, OKVision developed a novel type of soft contact lenses especially designed for myopia control - OKVision® Miracle™.
Ok Vision Miracle Features Defocus & Control Technology and a patented Bifocal Design.It is specially designed for Children and adolescent with progressive myopia.

OKVision® Miracle™ - design                                                                                        
Bifocal design of OKVision® Miracle™ is based on Defocus&Control Technology™, that ensures a full correction in the center and induces a myopic defocus on periphery to halt axial elongation.

Distance-center zone (2,5 mm)

OKVision® Miracle™ - advantages                                                                                

- Simultaneous provision of Clear distant vision & Inhibition of Myopia Progression  
provide efficacy of myopia control but do not change corneal shape.
- All day Comfort & ease of Use.
- Prevention of Complications can be combined with other treatments such as atropine 

- FDA Approved Material

Indications for use 

OKVision® Miracle™ are recommended for use in Children and adolescents with 6- 18 years  :-

With no contraindications for contact lenses in general
Progressive myopia
Exophoria, accommodative lag, habitually excessive tension of accommodation
Contraindications to Ortho-K
With Spherical Refraction error from -0.5 D To -6.0 D
astigmatism not higher than -1.5 D