POLYGEL ASM is a system used for remedial cementing, water shut-off, preventing of behind-the-casing water flow and casing leaks. ChemPartners offers two options of POLYGEL ASM system: POLYGEL ASM-P, which is single-component powdered water gelling agent, and POLYGEL ASM-K3 that is two-component nanosilica-based liquid system.

• Gas well abandonment;
• Stopping behind-the-casing water flow;
• Elimination of water inflows from low-permeability reservoirs;
• Fixing production casing leaks, restoration a cement rock and liquidation of intracasing pressures.


1. High gel strength;
2. Gel time is controlled in the wide time and temperature range;
3. High penetration capability into the porous medium;
4. No limitation on the type of reservoir rock and temperature for K3 system;
5. Decrease of permeability of rock up to 10000 times after treatment;
6. Environmentally acceptable sealant.

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