Shungite is a carbon composite which has amorphous structure and is  characterized by its high reactivity in thermal processes, high sorption and catalyst properties, conductivity and chemical resistance—Shungite contains 30% of shungite carbon and 70% of silicates. Shungite particles have bipolar qualities, hence  it is high adhesive and can be mixed up with any substances.
Shungite reacts with water not only like adsorbent or filter element. It has catalyst and cation exchange qualities . Shungite has ability to clean water from almost of all organic compounds : phenols, fatty high molecular acids, alcohols, etc (including pesticides), metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms and gases
98% purification from Cr+6

Shungite is being called also a Healing stone. Use of Shungite treated water is recommended for treatment of various illnesses – including asthma, liver and kidney diseases, diabetes, immune related diseases, cardio vascular and many other.

Shungite is a natural bio activator and is recommended for additional treatment of drinking water or DM water used for production of alcohol beverages.

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Shungite Filtration