Grow Naturally

About Green Sand

We need to change your speculation from looking for a harvest plan, requesting developing tips, chasing for that enchantment item, focussing "On the best way to Grow Healthy Food". We want you to Farm in a way that produces 'Nutrient Dense Food', gets those "Forgotten Flavours" back and not just sustaining in agriculture by getting that targeted yield but Regenerating!

Good for the Soils

The Farming is Good for the Soils

Good for the People

The Farming is Good for the People

Good for the Planet

The Farming is Good for the Planet

Good for You

The Farming is Good for You

Our Products

Our goal is to help farmers "Build Living Soils"

Green Sand + Urea

Minimizing the consumption of UREA

Organic Manure

100% Ecological Compatibility

For USSAR ( Banjar Soil)

Green Sand for Barren land